NEW! Tuesday Community Night

We at Providence Swings are very excited to bring you another night of dance during the week. This night is not just for classes, however! Tuesday nights will be focused on gathering with the PS community- practicing what you’ve been learning,  meeting new friends, and socializing!

Location- Church of the Redeemer, 655 Hope St, Providence (on the corner of Hope and Savoy 😉

Price- $5/at the door. No need to pre-register

Time- 8-10pm

8-8:30: Special topic drop-in class

8:30-9: Guided practice time with a PS instructor

9-10: Community socializing time

Fall 2019 Drop-in Schedule: 8-8:30

Sept: Jumps and Tricks: 

Oct: Solo Jazz combos

Nov: Partner Communication

Dec: The Shim Sham

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