Late-night Dance 

Since last year’s was such a hit, Providence Swings has decided to bring back the late-night dance for Big Swing Out! After the Saturday night festivities with Vintage Jazz Collective at the German Club, hop on back to Studio One where we’ll have a DJ’d dance featuring Jonathan Caron from Montreal’s Northern Lights! We will also have special guests, Shana Weaver & Brandon Barker from NYC’s Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, back again to showcase a performance sure to inspire!

$10 at the door, or as and add-on option during online-registration.

Saturday night 12:30am-3:30am

Venue: Studio One 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln

Jonathan Caron hails from Montreal, Quebec, where he took his first dance class nine years ago. The punk kid he was wasn’t into jazz at first, but he quickly grew fond of Basie’s piano, Hampton’s vibraphone and Hodges’ alto saxophone. His music collection started growing, and he eventually started DJ locally in Montreal and Quebec City. He eventually had more opportunities to spin his tunes out of town, appearing as a DJ in events such as Dirty Dozen Weekend and the Boston Tea Party. He’s also been on the DJ team of Beantown Dance Camp for the last four years, where he’s now in charge of the DJ Summit.  

Shana Maria Weaver & Brandon Barker More info coming!

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