Daryl Begin & Jennifer Stout

Daryl and Jen have been a part of Providence Swings since it began 15 years ago. We are excited to showcase our incredible local instructors for this year’s Lil’ Rhody, Big Swing Out!

Jennifer Stout: I started partner dancing in 1996, but didn’t discover Lindy Hop until 2002. Once I found it, though, I’ve held on tight and haven’t let go. I’ve been competing since 2004 and teaching since 2005. I am continuously trying to improve my skills both as a dancer and a teacher. And I’ve gotten pretty good at being an organizer, too.

I’ve been a member of the Providence Swings Board of Directors since its inception and am proud of what our little organization has accomplished over the years. It hasn’t always been easy. There is a lot of blood sweat and tears that goes into this endeavor, but it’s worth it to see the joy on people’s faces when they’re dancing and having fun.

When I’m not dancing, I work as an environmental engineer for the State of Rhode Island, but I might also be practicing yoga or playing volleyball.

Daryl Begin: Daryl has spent a considerable amount of time studying the classic footwork and movements of the original Lindy Hoppers and as a result, has an indepth and personalized understanding of the dance. Mostly self taught, Daryl has the ability to demonstrate complex concepts and loves incorporating the history of the Jazz era dances into his teaching. He also loves to compete and sees it as an opportunity to continuously improve. Plus, he works harder than anyone we know on his dancing.

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