Ask anyone to dance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader or follower. Everyone dances with everyone at Providence Swings, so feel free to ask anyone at an event to dance. If they accept, have a great time! If they decline, be gracious! No one owes you a dance.

Please bring a change of clean bottomed shoes.

Dirt tracked in can damage the floor and water tracked in may cause someone else to slip and hurt themselves. This helps keep the floor clean and makes everyone else’s dancing experience safer and happier.

Try to avoid running into other dancers!

If you do bump into someone near you, apologize and try to relocate. If it is too crowded, then try to make your dancing smaller so you’re less likely to run into others.

Please do not do aerial moves on the social dance floor.

They are inherently dangerous; never do an aerial with an unpracticed partner! Doing them during a jam circle or during a competition is ok, but please be aware that you are doing them at your own risk.

Do not give someone feedback unless they have asked for it.

They may be specifically trying something new or they may not take even the friendliest constructive criticism well. They may be new and working on a specific thing they were taught in class which may be different from how you were first taught. If they want your opinion, let them ask you for it!

What happens at the end of a dance?

When the song is over be sure to thank your partner!

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