Classes at Providence Swings

Below is our general class structure. Core curriculum to resume September 2018! In the meantime, check out where we'll be this summer and stay tuned for special upcoming workshops!
Summer Dancing

3-week series

  • $25 – Student/ Military/Low Income

4-week series

  • $35 – Student/ Military/Low Income

5-week series

  • $45 – Student/ Military/Low Income


  • No discounts


This is where you should begin if you have no previous knowledge of swing dancing. Begin in ANY month.

Essential Lindy Hop Movement

Learn 8ct rhythms and classic Lindy Hop movement that prepare you to get out on the dance floor from class one!



Partnering and Connecting

Focus on connecting with your partner and the music, and add in a little improv.

Relating to the Music

The music must not be overlooked. Learn how to listen and interpret jazz music and add 6-ct moves and rhythm variations.

Enrichment Topic: Solo Jazz

Solo jazz topics determined by instructors. Past topics include the classic jazz line dance called the Shim Sham, or an original choreography developed by instructors.


Pre-requisite of any Level Two class: Prior completion of ALL level one classes, or approval from instructors (assumes prior familiarity with all level one class content). Begin in ANY month.

Swingout Technique and Variations

Emphasis will be on proper technique while executing the Lindy Swingout and variations.

Styling and Rhythm

Play with rhythms and footwork variations and add styling to your Lindy.

Early Movement

Incorporate early movement such as Charleston into your Lindy Hop.

Inspirational Topics

These are Level 2 “topics” classes. Intermediate-level subject matter determined by instructors.

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