Never been to a swing dance? Well, you’re missing out on a fabulous evening out! Come alone, with a partner, or a group of friends—it really doesn’t matter because you’ll soon find yourself dancing with everyone there.

Swing dancers tend to be an exceptionally friendly group of people on the whole, and it won’t take long before you’re one of us. All of our dances are preceded by a lesson; on Thursdays, the Bread & Butter Jam follows our weekly class series, and on Saturdays, we start the evening with a total beginner lesson, so we’ll have you up and dancing even if this is your very first swing dance. After all, it’s hard to sit still once the music comes on!

The Bread & Butter Jam

Swing dancing every Thursday!

Need directions? We’re at Studio One, 85 Industrial Circle, Lincoln, RI 02865

8:15 – 11:00 pm with a short intermediate lesson (“Swing Snippet”) at 9:30, if someone wishes to share a move or step with the community.

Admission is only $5 / $2 for students!

Newcomers welcome!
Friendly atmosphere!
No partner necessary!

Please drop in!

Everyone is encouraged to bring a clean pair of shoes to change into so that we can keep the dance floor beautiful.

**NOTE: We will not be offering the Swing Thing for May-August 2014**

The Swing Thing…our weekly beginner drop-in lesson

Swing Thing

No Experience? No Problem!

The Swing Thing is offered every Thursday from 7:30PM until 8:30PM. No experience or partner necessary! Each class will cover the basics and then teach you one or two moves. The classes are setup so you can come back as many times as you like and always learn something new while still reinforcing the basics. Each class is $10 ($5 for students/low income). No registration required. Following each class is our weekly dance, the Bread & Butter Jam, or BBJ as we fondly call it. The BBJ is your chance to practice what you just learned and socialize with fellow dancers. The cost of the BBJ is free with the lesson. (Exception: On occasion, we have a Special BBJ with live music, which is an additional cost.)

**NOTE: We will not be offering the Swing Thing for May-August 2014**