Being A Good Dance Citizen

What can you do to build up our community, beyond following the basic guidelines for dance floor etiquette? We’re so glad you asked!

You can take a door shift at a monthly dance, put up flyers near your home or work, or take pictures at a dance. The more volunteers we have, the more dancing there will be–it’s that simple.

Rule of 3.
Whenever you are going dancing, think of at least three people you’d like to see there, and send them a quick message to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Come to class.
Even if you already know the basics, you are still invited to come to beginner classes. Just participate in class like everyone else, and the new dancers will be so happy to have someone with them who knows what’s going on!

Welcome newcomers.
Look around the room for new faces, then go over and introduce yourself. We want to make sure everyone who is interested has the chance to dance and have fun, and this is how we do it!

Organize a carpool.
Driving to Boston for a dance? Or going to New Haven, Middletown, or Hartford? Or even just to Swingin’ 88’s? Fill up your car!